Do you have an online store filled with products that nobody is buying?

Are you dismayed at the number of people leaving your site after only a few clicks or a few seconds?

Do you routinely receive feedback that everything was great, but have few repeat customers?

For years, I worked to help people understand how customers think.

Online customers approach each purchase with a different set of expectations, and can sometimes come across as mystical or irrational.

After witnessing many small online stores struggle with creating an effective online presence and store experience, I created Full Tilt Experience.

There are numerous web and graphic designers available, but access to user experience professionals is often financially out of reach for small businesses and those just starting out with their online presence.

Full Tilt Experience helps demystify the e-commerce world so that you can improve your user experience – and make more sales!

How did I get here?  I discovered early in my life that I’m a teacher at heart. However, my education and career have been a more Family Circus style route. It’s kept life interesting!

The name Full Tilt Experience comes from one of my favorite hobbies, road racing motorcycles. It’s something my husband and I do together (but, um, separately). I’m not some fearless thrill seeker, but I love riding and the camaraderie of our track day and racing families. For those of you cringing right now, as I remind my Mom, the track is a great place to ride because the ambulance is less than 2 minutes away.

This is our adopted boy Percy, and he gives really good kisses.

We have to keep a backup ball on hand at all times, in case he loses it. Otherwise, he gets reeeeeallly depressed.  He can sometimes be a diva, but we love him anyway.

To sum it up, I’m a teacher who never stops learning.

Many years of patient experience taught me that experience isn’t necessarily obvious or easy. Not everyone can pipe in the smell of popcorn like Disney.

However, the user experience is part of your responsibility as a business owner, and I’m here to help you understand it.

So let’s dig in and get started!