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Hi! I'm Tyné. I help overwhelmed solopreneurs like you to get out of your own way so you can make a bigger dent in the world.

We all have our zones of genius.
But there are all these other things.

Detail things. Things that make you go BLECH.

And they just take so….much….time.

And if one more well-meaning person says, ‘have you checked out this planner’ or “Trello cures cancer is the best!”, you might literally scream.



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Did I feed the dog today?

Sorry, where was I?  Oh right. Business stuff. Mundane, yet often vital, business stuff.

See, all the other stuff is firmly in MY zone of magic-pants genius. 

Seriously. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about flowcharts and the virtues of a good project management platform.

I LOVE this stuff. And nothing makes me happier than helping brilliant people get out of their own way.

Sound good? Let's talk.

"...did not leave me feeling overwhelmed or uneducated"

Working with Tyné was a fantastic experience! I am not what I would call "computer savvy", so I was nervous initially that her suggestions would be over my head. Our conversation was the exact opposite. She broke down her suggestions into easy to understand chunks that did not leave me feeling overwhelmed or uneducated. She also helped me set goals for changes I could make now and others that I could look at as more long term ideas.

AMY  //  Pop Art Pets

"...and the next thing you know, she delivered her magic"

I love being a solopreneur; well, most of the time. The times when I don't love it, it's usually because I'm so overwhelmed with all the moving parts that I just want someone to hold my hand and help me see the forest for all the trees that are getting in my way.

That's what it was like working with Tyné. I filled out her assessment with all the various projects and offerings from my business, and the goals, and hoped-for plans for my year, then we hopped on the phone; she asked me a bunch of questions, and the next thing you know, she delivered her magic: a calendar with reasonable timelines, and an outline of general to-dos that I've been able to follow to deliver the work that I want to share with my peeps ... without burning myself out.

I'm so glad I got to work with her; she made my first quarter a million times less stressful because I had a road map. And my second quarter is shaping up to be the same. 

If you're anything like me, and you love your work, but you don't always love the project planning, hire Tyné. You're welcome.

Deb  //

Let's get your systems sorted.