Selling is more than adding sexual imagery to a product.

Selling involves humans and their irrational, logical, emotional, creative, messy, and sometimes f@#$ed up human mind.

My name is Tyné, and my human mind gets excited about helping improve small business’s user experience.

Why should you even care about user experience? Your checkout works. Your site is pretty. Your products even have photos and/or descriptions! 

Allow me to break the news. User Experience (UX) encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products. 

It’s the human part of the technology and business. That’s a lot.

In fact, larger businesses have entire departments devoted to UX.

What about your small business? 

Every day I see small business owners and graphic/web designers missing key fundamentals in user experience.

Fundamentals that have stood the test of time (or at least internet-to-date).

Imagine how you will feel if

  • sales were more consistent
  • 25% of your customers were repeat business
  • your website sales stats improved 100%

Would you be doing the happy dance?

I believe your business should have fantastically awesome user experiences just like larger organizations.  

I simplify the explanations so you understand the rationale but don’t get lost in the details.

You don’t have time to become a UX guru. You just want to do your designing or creating or packaging or whatever.

With 14+ years experience educating adults in consulting and instructor roles, I’m here to help. Until you can afford your own UX department. 

If you’re ready to take the steps needed a full tilt experience, let’s get going!

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